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The Wes roundup daily. Thursday, May 7th

Posted by: Pav, 2020-05-07, 163 Views

In today’s Wes news:


·      San Juan suffered their first loss of the season, somewhat unluckily conceding the only shot against them by an inconsistent Buenos Aires. Can lone striker Wolf sustain the club to a title shot? Remains to be seen.

·      In a day of one-sog screw jobs, Tuscon also lost to Austin in unfortunate fashion as star gk Harti has conceded some poor goals in recent games.

·      Are Brasilia back? Analysts expect the club to hit good form finally, with the club registering a devastating win of 3-0 against Pittsburgh. Surprisingly no BrasiliaScrewWatch today. Di’s Pittsburgh are in trouble and facing a severe relegation battle. 

·      Have Vancouver turned a corner? A confident win today over admittedly weak Boston, but Illchenko is back shooting over .400 and looks good.

·      San Antonio defeated reigning Americas champ Las Vegas. Rumors are that manager Paul Morland is considering a clearout with a focus on youth.

·      Lyngby remains on top of EN, but for how long? Very fortunate to tie today against struggling Derby. Lyngby gk saved 5sogs.

·      Berlin tried a 2-8 formation today without a forward. But it did not go well as the club was dominated in attack by title challenger Leverkusen. Another goal for VDV, the star striker recruited in off season. Rumors are that Berlin manager Caruso is desperately searching for another strikers. 

·      Liverpool have notiched a back to back 3-0 scoreline as the club signals its intention to compete for the EN title. Many thought the club might struggle following its youth rebuild, but its impressive strikers are keeping it strong. 

·      Sydney announces they’re a title contender in ROW with a 2-0 win over Addis Ababa. Goalie Owen Brown continues his great play in goal with 4 saves.

·      Chief and Ulan Bator keep pace with 3-0 wins for both. Chief’s super forward Marinin scores his 6th goal in 6 games – is he the most inform striker in Wes right now?

·      Genoa's players look nervous. 3 reds in 2 matches for a team that gets them very rarely. Results needed badly for the ES club. Star striker Kirby did not play today.

·      Incredibly, Pristina got screwed over again, this time their opponent Milan saving 7sogs. Amazing run for the club … surely it’s all over and Bern will win the title now? Great win for Milan as the club is gathering pace.

·      In a harshly fought battle, Bern overcame Ljubljana 3-2. In truth, Ljubljana could have won the game as they had the tactical advantage, but star striker Li has pulled Bern through again. 


Pav 07/05/2020 21:13:01

Err I meant Thursday

Bashev2 08/05/2020 11:55:40


GafferJim 08/05/2020 12:45:30 - edited

Great stuff Pav! 5 saves and a clean sheet is bread and butter for the beast between the sticks at Lyngby!! Not that we played for a draw, but their probable line up and my availability of players made it a tough game, Derby have promoted with a great squad!! a decent result??... my regular set up might of been better for me, unlikely, so it felt right to adapt for the game. Still unbeaten at this point with this squad is very nice :) but unlikely to go on for long in the EN piranha pit :O

GafferJim 08/05/2020 12:49:07

these are great ! Is there anyway to get them posted on the other regions?? I only know they exist by chance organising a friendly in the region.

Bashev 08/05/2020 13:28:38

Sadly I dont see an option to post it for all regions.

Pav 08/05/2020 14:01:55

Always look out for them on the Homepage Jim. I'll rotate the regions they're posted in so everyone can see them.

Andrew Donnelly 08/05/2020 19:24:53

No mention of an old time WES manager (that went undefeated for a season btw) getting an absolute drubbing in my first game back?


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