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Braga the underdogs at Europe South Regional Cup Final

Posted by: Kanguru_Cruz, 2020-06-05, 128 Views

It’s a beautiful morning in the neighborhood, there is a strong energy in the air…

For the first time Braga has the chance to win a title, the whole city is anxious, this is more than a simple match, it is a statement for the growth of Braga since Kanguru got back to the steering wheel.

Braga is a mix of youth and experience, where some players stand out but they always play as a team. Mohd Fauzi is specially keen of the game as this might be the last title he will be able to fight for: "It is definitely a special game for me, I look forward to help those kids to feel the taste of victory, they deserve it".

The streets start to get filled with Braga fans; the "Guerreiros", name for which they are known, start gathering. A sea of red and white starts to roar…

As a tsunami, they head to the stadium surroundings, where they will be waiting for the game to begin. While the time does not arrive, they gather in groups where they drink, eat and sing. 

Slowly, the Milan fans can be seen in the horizon… When they get closer, they are invited to join and a healthy rivalry is established as the wine and beer flow freely (Milan fans also brought some Pizzas and Chianti).

The Kick-off is closer, Braga fans start moving inside the stadium.

The sound of drums gives them rhythm and energizes them…

It is time… The whistle sounds and the ball moves!

May the best team win!!! 

PS: This might also be the first time a team with a Vegan diet wins a title 😊


Dev 10/06/2020 14:41:49

I was quite absent these days and didn't see this news. My congratulations to Braga for the Regional Cup win! Very good job Joao!

Pav 25/06/2020 14:32:14

Great win! Nice management.



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