Member Benefits

Thanks for considering a membership with World Elite Soccer. Below is a quick snapshot of the additional benefits of a subscription.

We are currently soaking all revenue made from subscriptions back into the running costs and continued development of new functionality, so we appreciate your support.

Offer Friendly Matches

Developing players in World Elite Soccer is driven largely by training and the total number of minutes your players are actively involved in matches. As a member you are able to offer friendly matches to other managers, which is the most effective way to boost the total volume of minutes your players are involved in games.

Non-members can still accept friendly match offers, but they can’t make offers themselves.

Detailed Scout History

Players improve and decline in various skills across their professional careers in WES. This feature enables you to retain a detailed history of where your players showed improvements and decline over time.

Remember though that we only ever show you the scouts opinions. The true skills may still be different.

View Set-up % Stats for All Players

The set-up skill in WES provides you with some rough guidance on how good each player is at creating chances for others - basically how likely are they to create a shot on goal for another player. Measuring whether the scouts have fairly assessed your player or that of your opponents can be tedious as you flip through match recap minute-by-minute pages. Maybe you're considering a trade for a 5 Set-up player, but do you really know if his skill is accurate?

With the membership package you can easily find out, by getting access to every players set-up % by season, so you can easily make judgment calls on player values, trades and game tactics without the need to spend hours running through those minute-by-minute pages.

Detailed Player Performance History

Get detailed player performance breakdown at the players profile page for improved analysis.

Saved Lineups

If you want to speed up your ability to swap lineups between legaue and friendly matches, you can use this feature to save your lineup.

Currently the feature allows you two slots with fixed names, but future improvements will give you further control over how many, and what they are called.

Second Team

As a member you have the opportunity to manage a 2nd team within the game world. Admittedly this is currently a little bit of a tedious process but we will look into improving it in the future. For now you need to follow these steps:

  • Become a member.
  • Create a new account using your current username but adding a 2 on the end (for example Bucky O Hare2).
  • Choose a team in a different region from your other team - we ideally recommend choosing a lower division team to minimise any potential WES Cup conflicts.

Please check this message board post for more information on the restrictions imposed on 2nd teams.