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Hell Hounds Take the Derby!

Posted by: Newswire, 2017-12-04, 1011 Views

Sunday was a day that many Helsinki citizens had highlighted in their calendars. It was the second time this season that the Helsinki Hell Hounds and Harju Flappy Birds would meet in the Helsinki Derby. This was a day when schools, workplaces and families got divided in two. The winners would have the bragging rights for a long time, as this was the last derby game for the season.

The game started with Harju in the driver's seat. They created two good chances within the first 10 minutes of the game, but Moutas and Lisovskiy couldn't hit the target. The further the first half progressed the better Helsinki got into the game, having a few good attempts to score. The best chance of the first half fell to Danny Gadsby (dubbed The Great Gadsby by Harju fans). All he had to do was poke the ball into the empty net in front of him, but the striker decided to go with power instead of finesse. For the Helsinki fans delight, the shot hit the crossbar, and half of the stadium broke out in laughter. 

Helsinki got a dangerous free kick in the start of the second half, but Sanchez header floated over the goal. This was followed by a few pathetic attempts from Harju players to score from 30 yards, but without success.

The Telia 5G Arena finally exploded in the 63rd minute. Florea found a crack in the Harju defense, and his pass found Matyi, who had an easy job to go around Harju goalkeeper Silva and score into the empty net. "That's how it should be done" could be read off the lips of Harju manager Oz, with his eyes furiously locked on his star striker Gadsby.

The words of the Harju manager obviously had some effect, as Gadsby immediately equalized the game in the 64th minute. Popovici's cross found the Brit in the box, and his powerful header left Helsinki goalkeeper Papatheou powerless.

The Harju goal clearly shifted the momentum of the game, as Harju started pressing on. They created a few very dangerous chances in the minutes following the goal, but the crossbar stood in the way once again, as Sany's shot hit it with power.

But in the 73rd minute the inevitable happened. Harju found out the hard way, that if you don't score the opponent probably will. Helsinki's Kim made an excellent run down the left flank of the field, passed two stupified Harju defenders, and took a shot. The shot had the perfect curve, passed Harju goalkeeper Silva and landed in the bottom right corner of the goal. All camera's turned on Helsinki manager Os, who looked calm as ever, just nodding slowly.

Harju were devastated by the goal, and couldn't get their heads back in the game. Helsinki still managed to produce another great chance, only to be blocked by the crossbar this time. After the final whistle the Harju fans booed loudly at their own team, and some especially angry fans from the Ultras section even tried to get on the field to assault manager Oz. Luckily for him the stewards could block these extreme but understandable attempts.

Helsinki had won, and the bragging rights belonged to them. The way it should be, according to many.


The_Mayor 05/12/2017 10:17:56

This one sounds a bit biased...



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