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Bashev's press conference

Posted by: Bashev, 2018-10-11, 553 Views

Q1: What are the goals in front of Bern? What do the board of directors want from you?

Bashev: The main goal is finishing in top 4 and securing a WES cup spot for the next season.

Q2: What was the main reason to move to EW? It is another culture here, do you think that you will have issues with the adaptation?
Bashev: I took the job because I needed a new challenge and I find EW as the best league in WES. I think that I will adapt fast.

Q3: Many people compare you to Jose Mourinho? .....
Bashev: Wait a second, what do you mean?

Q3-2: Your football philosophy includes only proven old players. Some people call you a "talent killer". Should all the young prospect in Bern worried about you?
Bashev: My starting eleven includes the best players that I have. All players will get a chance to prove them worth for the club. For me it doesn matter is the player young or old if they perform well.

Q4: What are your plans on the transfer market? Will you be active?
Bashev: We are looking for a starting midfielder as we sold one and we have to replace him. Otherwise we are always opened for bussiness as we try to improve our team.

Q5: What do you think about the competition in EW? Who is the "top dog" in the league?
Bashev: There are 8-9 very competitive teams in the league and I am sure that it will be very interesting seasons. I really expect that Birmingham could be a nice surprise. I expected more from them last season. Otherwise the defending champions Nantes are in a good position and Liverpool who are always a title contenders.


HerraPastori 11/10/2018 15:20:52

Liverpool :D

Nicolas 11/10/2018 15:26:40

Pay attention to the wonderful Youth 'Myth Hunter' Berlin

Glenn Roberts 11/10/2018 17:33:11

Good luck! Glad to see the back of you :D

Dilyan 11/10/2018 22:48:47

*cough* Forgot to mention Munich *cough*

Rook 11/10/2018 23:43:53

'I expected more from them last season'. Me too, man, me too. Around the halfway point I'd only lost 1 game. Then over the next 7 games my keeper tanked from 83% to 70%.



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