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New dawn at Helsinki?

Posted by: Newswire, 2020-05-03, 565 Views

Last few seasons haven’t been easy for the Helsinki fans. The club once challenging for the old EN1 title has been slowly slipping in recent times. Finally everything seemed to collapse and they suffered two consecutive relegations to the bottom division. However, there seems to again be an air of positivity around the team these days. After 4 games they sit at the top of EN3 with three wins and a draw. Goalkeeper Swed is performing heroically in the nets while new striker Soare is in red hot form scoring 4 goals and adding 2 assists in the league already.

So what has changed? Many think it’s related to manager Herra Pastori finding a new spark again. After being beaten to the title time and time again he left for pastures new but ultimately returned to his hometown club. After a slow start he may be finding the rhythm again and we met him to ask a few questions on Helsinki’s current situation.

Reporter: Why did Helsinki relegate all the way to D3?

Herra Pastori: A good question, Mr.Reporter. Most of the blame belongs to Stefan and the downsize of our divisions. Helsinki was an EN1 regular but were bumped down to D2 with some ridiculous reasoning. After that I decided that a total rebuild is what this team and city needs. Staying in D2 was the goal of season 30, but some bad luck concerning goalkeepers cost Helsinki the D2 spot. In the great scheme of things this however isn't a big deal, as this squad will reach it's peak in the following 3-6 seasons.

Reporter: How do you rate the current roster and is there something in particular that still needs to be fixed?

Herra Pastori: The current roster makes me happy. I have a lot of options, especially in midfield, and managed to bring in some good players to strengthen the squad. The most important things were to get in a solid GK, which Swed is turning out to be, and a forward capable of scoring goals. That was found in the form of Soare from Bern. A long injury and/or suspensions to Soare is the clearest risk scenario, but for shorter absences Moron is a more than capable back-up. 

Reporter: When can we expect Helsinki back in EN1 and can we expect a title challenge in the near future?

Herra Pastori: The goal is definitely to achieve two back-to-back promotions in seasons 31&32, and then immediately start challenging for the D1 crown and WES cup spots. The aging squad at Leverkusen and the very young squad at Liverpool leaves EN1 without a clear leader, and that spot is for the taking.

Reporter: Finally, I see you like to eat raisins whenever you watch your team play or train or, well you seem to eat raisins all the time. Why do you like raisins so much?

Herra Pastori: I absolutely love raisins. They have the perfect taste, texture, smell, everthing. I would go as far as to say I couldn’t live without raisins. Raisins are the elixir of life!

 Ok that’s that for now! Stay tuned for more updates on Helsinki’s new challenge for glory!


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byrkof 03/05/2020 20:23:10

Fake news ... about raisins.

Wander112 03/05/2020 20:34:12

Raisins confirmed! Find out on Slack

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#random please

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thefox 04/05/2020 20:24:06

and they just traded for an excellent w/e defender. Big things happening in Finland. BIG THINGS.

Zunhs 04/05/2020 21:07:26

Yes, they are raking the floor of the forest!



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