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The Wes roundup daily. Tuesday, May 12th

Posted by: Pav, 2020-05-12, 958 Views

In today’s Wes news:


-      Lyngby were beaten today by rival Rotterdam, throwing the title race into the open in EN. The match was an even affair, but new Rotterdam striker Mayhew scored two crucial goals. Great start for the 4finish that came from San Antonio.

-      Another crushing defeat for Berlin, and perhaps worse – a terrible performance. Fans are losing patience with the manager.

-      Liverpool went down to a surprising loss today to Dublin, only generating a total of 4 shots in what was a solid defensive display by the Irish club. 

-      The Birmingham GK continues to struggle. With .680, it looks as though the debut season will be a difficult one.

-      In other EN news, Leverkusen and Brugge continue to pile up wins as the two sit atop the league table.

-      In Americas, all eyes were on the San Juan – Houston game. Many analysts predicted a dominating display from newly promoted but formidable San Juan team against an out of form Houston. However, the Houston manager played a counter attacking central flow that gave his forwards a superior advantage, playing a risky 2-4-4 formation. “We had a lot of respect for SJ. I knew they would dominate possession so our only chance was to go with a fast counter strategy. Today, we were lucky to get the chances, but the team needs to improve more,” managed Pav Marceux told the presser afterwards. Pittsburgh manager Di Moore, who was in attendance, started shouting “Covid denier!!” in the middle of the conference, before being dragged away by security. 

-      Both San Antonio and Brasilia registered strong wins today. Brasilia registered their second 8sog game in a row, underlining their strong title credentials. San Antonio’s striker Matiskainen snatched an impressive hattrick vs a tired Austin team.

-      New York continues to have GK troubles, with all its keepers struggling for form. Relegation looms as manager Mike confirmed he’s planning a major rebuild.

-      In ROW, Chief dropped important points today, with the Perth gk saving 4sogs. This gave Addis Adaba the chance to gain a gap and they did with a 1-0 win over rivals Ulan Bator. However, the game decided into chaos as the players clashed over dirty fouling, with 2 red cards given to Addis Adaba players. After the game, Ulan Bator manager Rol screamed at journalists as to why the red cards made no difference. “2 reds and nothing?? What’s wrong with this game!!”

-      In the game of the day in all of Wes, Bern recorded an important win against powerhouse rival Pristina. They deserved it with 4 sogs vs Pristina’s 1, even though Pristina dominated possession with almost 70%. Bern surely have an insurmountable lead in ES at this point, with an incredible 9 wins in 9 games. Perhaps time for a major rebuild at Pristina? 

-      KirbyWatch: Another bad game for the Genoa striker. 4/1 in shots and 4 failed setups. This is turning into a nightmare season for the striker, with Genoa likely to struggle for Wes Cup qualification this season.

-      Lille continued solid form with another win today, while Milan grabbed a win over Maribor. 

-      Player of the day: Matiskainen of San Antonio, for his incredible hattrick today. 



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