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Ganja's GK cry for help

Posted by: Newswire, 2021-07-26, 1091 Views

Feel Ganja's pain. The ES club was left without a goalkeeper this off season when its long-playing veteran suddenly retired. Fans cried and smashed pub chairs. Some even smoked a joint in his honour. But facts remained facts --- the club led by long-time manager Trayn was GK-less. 

Not to worry. The administrative powers of the Wes world demand that every team has to start with a GK, and Trayn was randomly assigned an FA keeper when the season started. Of course, he was an awful 1-save try hard and of course he has been absolutely terrible for Ganja with a non-respectable 50% save percentage. We don't like to throw around words like "crisis" around here, but Ganja is currently deep in one, at the bottom of the crisis well, looking out into the world as though stuck in a ketamine-induced keyhole high. 

Why does it find itself here and now? In large part because manager Trayn left on holiday to go to an infamous Bulgarian sea resort. No grannies or luna parks here. Just hard techno and copious pharmacology. But the manager is now back and desperate for a keeper. Oh please won't you give him a Mercedes Benz ... err a good gk!! Or don't. Perhaps holidaymakers should be punished.  


EMFIE 28/07/2021 06:19:07

just one fix... it`s not techno, its teKno