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Houston take the title on GD! Don’t call it a comeback

Posted by: Newswire, 2023-03-16, 75 Views

The Houston All-Stars are back! It’s been a long time away from the rodeo, but the Texan outfit finally won the Americas D1 title. Don’t call it a comeback --- maybe it’s the start of a new era?


Affectionately known by their fans as the G-Strings (due to the shape of the badge), the old cowboys have been in the desert for the last 8 seasons. Pushed out by a resurgent Brasilia powerhouse, the club’s Russian oligarch was coming under fire from tequila-drenched fans with increased intensity. 


It was the club’s longest dry patch. The irony is that it was partly driven by Houston’s own trading habits. In classic hubris, Houston traded away four superstars to rival Brasilia. This helped the Latin outfit to build an impregnable outfit that impregnated anyone it played. 


Four Houston players, all worth 7 million, were traded: Janisch, Weiszman, Kodas and Peters. Challenge monsters that represented half of Brasilia’s dominant XI in run that delivered three Wes Cups. 


But Houston did what Houston does --- rebuild and try again. The irony then that the club finally prevailed on goal difference against its nemesis --- the Brazilian Waterballboys. 


Is the Texan club back? Analysts are optimistic. Houston is younger than Brasilia, which is starting to creak and could soon croak. A rebuild is not far away, which could pave the way for Houston to dominate Americas over the next decade. Nashville and Talcahuano would disagree, both elite contenders that have world class talent. 


A Wes Cup trophy, set to be played in the final against Shanghai on Saturday, would be the unexpected cherry on top for Houston. But the club’s manager is just happy they’re competing. 



Smilers02 17/03/2023 14:18:41

You know noone cares about Houston don't you?

Pav 17/03/2023 17:01:04

Sorry, I don't know who the author of this article is