Hall of Fame (From Season 30)

  1. Players must have played a minimum of 1260 minutes.
  2. Players must have taken at least 30 shots.
  3. Goalkeepers are not included in this category.
  4. Goalkeepers must have faced at least 30 shots on goal.


Most Games Played In Galinec, Ivica 381
Most Starts Galinec, Ivica 381
Most Minutes Played Galinec, Ivica 35130


Most Fouls Drawn Remon, Johan 865
Most Fouls Bourgeois, Riad 656
Fewest Fouls1 Hustava, Peter 4
Most Yellow Cards Ismail, Jamil 106
Most Red Cards Buus, Jan 18


Most Assists Ismail, Jamil 57
Most Shots Taken Ismail, Jamil 1531
Most Shots On Goal Ismail, Jamil 689
Most Goals Scored Ismail, Jamil 187
Most Unassisted Goals Ismail, Jamil 80
Most Penalty Kick Goals Purwanto, Djoko 22
Highest On Goal %1,2,3 Kastrup, Torben 56%
Highest Scoring %1,2,3 Enache, Constantin 33%
Highest Penalty Kick %1,2 Eamza, Musa 100%


Most Shots Faced Galinec, Ivica 1357
Most Saves Pappas, Sotiris 993
Most Penalty Kick Saves Yang, Wanpeng 18
Fewest Rebounds Allowed1 Sikhosana, Nicholas 4
Most Rebounds Allowed1 Charvat, Roman 458
Fewest Goals Allowed1 Nikolic, Predrag 11
Highest Save %1,4 Harding, Les 83%
Lowest Rebound %1,4 Olsen, Espen 14%
Highest Rebound %1,4 Pop, Carol 89%


Most Attacks Challenges Won3 Jensen, Emil 1583
Most Attacks Challenges Lost3 Ismail, Jamil 2651
Highest Attack Challenge %1,3 Neumann, Moritz 88%
Most Defend Challenges Won3 Remon, Johan 1547
Most Defend Challenges Lost3 Ismail, Jamil 2698
Highest Defend Challenge %1,3 Desaedo, Gianfranco 88%