Regional Cup - Schedule and Results

The Regional Cup runs every season and provides a straight knockout competition for each region. Matches take place throughout the season, usually on a Sunday each week. Check the full schedule and results below, and for more information check out our help guide section.
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  25/05/2022 to  01/06/2022
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Date Home Score Visitor Official Played
Fri 27 May Beijing Sydney Shafiei, Javad -
Fri 27 May Douala Shanghai Manuel, Singh -
Fri 27 May Bourgas Naples Topic, Nino -
Fri 27 May Milan Queluz Crivenco, Nicolae -
Fri 27 May Birmingham Utrecht Winther, Sofus -
Fri 27 May Copenhagen Lyngby-Taarbæk Straub, Kevin -
Fri 27 May Jacksonville Nashville Mora, Gerardo -
Fri 27 May New York Tucson Vera, Felipe -



  • Wed 25-May-22 D3
  • VS
  • Wed 25-May-22 D1
  • VS
  • Wed 25-May-22 D1
  • VS
  • Wed 25-May-22 D1
  • VS
  • Wed 25-May-22 D2
  • VS