Wes Cup - Schedule and Results

The WES Cup is the Champions League show piece that runs every season. It contains 32 teams from the prior seasons standings in league play and comprises of a group stage, followed by straight knockout. For more information check out our help guide section. You will find schedule and results information for the current seasons WES Cup below.
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  30/01/2023 to  06/02/2023
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Date Home Score Visitor Official Played
Wed 01 Feb Stockholm Nashville Reinholdt, Janus -
Wed 01 Feb Tehran Rome Zou, Liu -
Wed 01 Feb Beijing Venice Banasan, Marlon -
Wed 01 Feb Liverpool Houston Straub, Kevin -
Wed 01 Feb Talcahuano Sydney Vitali, Alex -
Wed 01 Feb Ganja Antwerp Sutac, Maxim -
Wed 01 Feb Vienna Brussels Ogorodnic, Igor -
Wed 01 Feb Brasilia Shanghai Hayes, Iain -